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Natural Highways is a startup non-profit organization that strives to motivate and organize opportunities for students to explore the outdoors.


Our 3 essential services include a thoroughly developed app for Android and iOS, 2 Weekly Blogs, and organizing in-person excursions. 



In the past 4 years, the average screen time has doubled.


Most teenagers spend more than 7 hours on screens daily, not including homework. In contrast, the average student only spends 4-7 minutes outdoors every day. 

Often times, binge watching TV series or playing hours of videogames is met with disappointment and guilt. 

The solution is to go outside. Having a bike around your neighborhood or even taking a brief walk decreases anxiety and has even been proven to increase self esteem. 

All in all, approaching a mundane task with a fresh mindset boosts efficiency and creates a positive attitude.   

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The Trail Mix updates a mix of articles, blogs, and reviews twice a week.  It details personal reviews of trails, outdoor manuals, and any variety of nature-related topics.

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