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A Guide to Spring: Allergies

Darren Hong


With Spring just around the corner, many hikers may want to start going back outside in the warmer temperatures. However, some may worry about their seasonal allergies also making a return. Not to worry! This guide will help you prevent and treat your allergies in no time!

First off, an easy way to prevent your allergies from kicking in is by checking the air quality in your area. Websites such as can tell you the amount of pollen in the air, which can help you avoid the allergens. By planning ahead, you can avoid the symptoms with scheduling. Local news networks are an alternative source for air quality, and they are frequently updated.

If you must go outside, a great way to prevent allergies is using a mask. Not only can you avoid COVID infection, you can also prevent allergens from entering your airways. According to a study by the NCBI, using any type of mask can significantly decrease the effect of pollen.

While traveling to your hiking or biking destination, while it may be tempting to roll down the windows to enjoy the breeze, it is important to remember that allergens also travel on the cool breeze. Thus, closing your windows will minimize your negative allergen experience, at the cost of showing off your luscious locks.

Once you return from your outdoor excursion, a great tip is to remove your clothing and to shower. Your hair is a major carrier of pollen, and pollen can stick to fabric as well. By removing your outer articles and washing thoroughly, you can significantly decrease the pollens you bring inside your home.

Unfortunately, not every allergy can be prevented. Thankfully, there are medical options that can both prevent and treat the symptoms of allergies. If you’re worrying about the high pollen levels and absolutely have to go outside, consider taking antihistamine pills around 30 minutes before you go outside. Many of these medications are available over the counter. Generally, for day-time use, you should look for a non-drowsy variant to stay clear-headed. Before taking medication, remember to check with your doctor and follow dosage instructions.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you of the ways to prevent and treat the spring allergies that come with exciting expeditions. Happy hiking!

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