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Bike Attachments: Yay or Nay?

By Darren Hong


Has your bike been feeling too standard? Want to stand out during your trips? With bike attachments, these problems can be solved almost instantly (after two day shipping). Today, we will look at three different products that can spice up your biking adventures.

First off, we have a Master Lock 8143D Bike Lock Cable with Combination. A simple yet effective deterrent for any wannabe thief. With over two hundred reviews on Amazon at four and a half stars, and with a length of four feet, this simple and affordable protection for your bike is a great attachment for your bike. Get one as soon as you can!

Next, we have a Flexion Bicycle Umbrella Mount, which allows users to attach an umbrella of their choice onto the handlebars of their bike. This device is perfect for avoiding the heat on sunny days. It can also be attached to strollers for younger siblings. With two hundred fifty reviews at three and a half stars, this device would mostly be situational, and would generally not be recommended on windy days.

One of the most common and practical attachments is an Accmor Bike Bell. With nearly twenty-five thousand reviews at four and a half stars, this bike attachment is perfect for alerting pedestrians of your presence. With 16 different colors, this attachment will surely dazzle your biking group.

Our final attachment is a bike basket. Generally, these come in either wicker or metal. While wicker baskets are less likely to rust, they also have a lower durability than metal variants. The ProsourceFit Wicker Basket comes with leather straps to attach to your bike easily without extra tools. Additionally, while metal baskets are attached via screws, this small inconvenience is made up for by the variety of colors provided. This attachment is great for small trips to the grocery store to save some gas and burn calories.

Hopefully, this guide has provided some insight on the best attachments for bikes. Happy biking!

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