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Bike Reviews: The Schwinn Ider

By Nathaniel Wu




The Schwinn Ider is a starting mountain bike that costs about $300. It is an XC bike, meaning that it does well on normal trails but lacks in going down extremely rough terrain. The bike also does relatively well on roads and gravel, making it a great all-around bike. I have owned a Schwinn Ider for about 4 months and have taken it on numerous trails. In this article, we will take an in-depth look into the Schwinn Ider. Be sure to read the “Introduction to Mountain Biking” article in the Trail Mix, as we will be using some terminology from that article.

Frame-Light and Durable

Brakes-Disc Brakes

Wheels-29 inch (73.66 cm) wheels and deep treads

Pedals- Flat pedals with no spikes

Shifting-3 gears in the front x 7 gears in the back (21 speed); Shift by twisting

Suspension - Full suspension (front and back)

Dropper Post-No dropper post, adjustable by a quick-release lever

More specifications can be found here.

Personal Opinion


The main advantages of the Schwinn Ider are the price and wheels. $300 is one of the best prices you can get on a mountain bike, and for a starter, low commitment is the best option. The 29-inch wheels allow the user to go very fast on trails, and the treads are deep enough to maintain traction. The full suspension creates a relatively smooth ride, which comes in handy for mountain biking. The bike is also very durable and has survived crashes with no problem.

The main disadvantages are the full suspension and the shifting. Although a $300 full-suspension is a rarity, it generally lacks in quality. The front suspension gets the job done, but is not adjustable and doesn’t compress far. In terms of rear suspension, it is very creaky. Shifting by twisting may seem practical for neighborhood rides, but it becomes very inconvenient on trails, where you need to shift quickly. Most mountain bikes come with a pressing mechanism, which is much more efficient. The braking isn’t very immediate, which prevents going over the bars, but can be a bit annoying at times.

Final Thoughts


Overall, the Schwinn Ider is a good bike for most. It is cheap and gets the job done, but lacks some areas crucial to more advanced biking. The Ider was my first mountain bike, so it will always be special to my mountain biking journey. It gets 4/5 stars.

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