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Biking In The Winter

By Darren Hong


The winter holidays are a great time to take a break. Winter is also a great time to get back into biking after the responsibilities of school. With that, here are some quick tips to help you stay safe this season.


First, make sure you have bright or reflective clothing. With less light, it is important that vehicles are able to see you. According to one source, cyclists can be up to 30 times more likely to be injured on the road than drivers. Staying visible while biking is a great way to stay safe.

Additionally, using headlights can

help with visibility issues, as it helps drivers identify a general area around your bike. Bikers can purchase lights for both their handlebar and helmet, which will help others identify you on the road.

Another tip that can help bikers during the colder seasons is deflating their tires to the lower recommended range. Since air pressure loss increases in colder temperatures, deflating them slightly will help with traction. Purchasing gripper tires can also help with preventing slips on slippery roads.

Most importantly, remembering to wear layers of clothing is a must. You can use specialized biking gear, such as footwear, helmets, and gloves to help protect you from the winter chill.

After you bike, remember to drink water and clean off your bike. This will keep you hydrated and prevent your tires from losing traction. Storing your bike indoors is recommended, since leaving it in bad weather can cause it to rust and fade.


Happy holidays bikers, and stay safe!

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