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Effectively Fighting Against the Heat during Summer Activities

By Ilan Stein


Summer is now in full swing as schools across the nation come to a close, signaling the end of the 21-22 school year. With this newfound sense of freedom and a bunch of teens with simply way too much time on their hands, summer activities and sports are coming back in full, ushering in an era of fun and enjoyment for all.

Now with the summer comes increases in humidity and temperature, especially around the DMV area. As many of us know all too well, some days are simply unbearable with an oppressive heat or humidity that can be extremely difficult to deal with. While it may not seem like it, prolonged exposures to this climate can lead to extreme dehydration or even heat stroke in the most extreme of cases. In order to combat these concerns, the most one can do is be aware. Checking your weather app and looking at UV levels, temperatures, and humidity can all be extremely helpful in determining the length of your activities outdoors this summer. For example, going outside when the sun is at its highest point in the sky with a 90% humidity can result in very negative consequences if one isn’t careful.

The best ways of combating the brutal summer heat can often be the most simple. Bringing a water bottle for example, can be one of the most valuable assets at your disposal for staying hydrated and preventing dehydration on a hot summer's day. As during the heat we sweat more, it is essential to drink more water in order to keep up with our body’s use of water in order to stay cool. Keeping an eye on your friends can also be extremely helpful in group activities, as the sun is not something to be trifled with. The palest of us know from experience how failing to adequately protect yourself from the sun can lead to a very bad time and lots of ice packs.

All in all, the summer brings in an abundance of fun and exciting outdoors activities that are only made better with the end of school. While having fun should be a priority, don’t let your unpreparedness or lack of awareness be the reason you stop having a good time this summer!

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