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GearList: The Bike Phone Mount

Nathaniel Wu


Between navigation, music, and workout apps, smartphones have worked themselves into the world of biking. However, modern phones aren’t cheap nor durable, so if you elect to

mount your $500+ device on your bike while riding, you’ll want it to be very secure.

This is where the bike phone mount comes in handy. These contraptions keep your phone securely attached to your handlebars while you ride. With the development of these devices, bikers are not only capable of viewing their phones mid-ride, but also using them*.

There are countless phone mounts to purchase, which can seem very intimidating. The cheaper mounts are based on a spiderweb pattern, where the web secures the corners of the phone. The more expensive mounts are based on a case that connects to an adapter. Some mounts are velcro-based and have a small pouch on the sides to hold necessities.

With any type, here are some factors to consider when buying any kind of phone mount.

Phone compatibility

Although most phone mounts can secure most phones, larger and smaller-sized phones may

be more troublesome. Be sure to measure your device before purchasing a phone mount, as most manufacturers include the limits to the phone size.


Not all mounting mechanisms are made equal. Generally, mechanisms involving screws are more secure, but you can learn more through online reviews as users can input their own opinions. The best mechanisms are ones that don’t slip and are easy to use.


The durability of a mount is best found in online reviews, but as a general rule-of-thumb, metal is the more durable compared to plastic and silicone. Riding terrain should also be considered for durability, as rougher terrain requires higher durability.

Ease of use

Often overlooked, ease of use is likely the most noticeable feature after purchasing. Ask yourself these questions: How easy will it be to mount it to the handlebar? How easy will it be to attach the phone? A convenient mount ultimately leads to a happier experience.

*Disclaimer: Please be careful and do not stare at the phone while riding.

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