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GearList: The Massage Gun

By Nathaniel Wu


Picture this: You come home from a workout/outdoor activity, and your body is exhausted. Your muscles are likely very sore, and unless you massage and stretch them, the morning after will be quite the experience. Massage chairs are expensive, and rollers often have a learning curve. Here is the solution to your soreness: the massage gun.

The massage gun is a relatively new device that revolutionized the sports industry, even though the concept is simple. The device provides a rapid up-down motion that massages muscle when applied. The typical massage gun has a handle with a tip that you can switch. Users can often adjust the intensity/frequency.

To get started, all you have to do is charge the gun, then follow the directions to activate the massage function. Then, apply it to any sore areas while using the correct tip (guides are often included).

Here are things to keep in mind when purchasing one:


The price range on massage guns is vast, and with increased price often comes increased function. However, you can get perfectly capable massage guns under $200, so don’t stress too much about quality if buying a cheaper one.


The range of intensity is one of the most important features of a massage gun. Generally, aim for over four levels to have enough versatility for different muscles.


Different muscles have different needs, so having a wide range of tips is of utmost importance. Be sure that, at the very least, the gun has a ball tip, a flat and wide tip, and a

more pointed tip. Each one applies a different amount of pressure, so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

After receiving your new massage gun, be sure to read the instructions to reap the most benefits. The vibration may feel rather strange, so always start at the lowest intensity and work your way up. With practice, you will be able to recover much faster than before.

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