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Managing End of School-Year Stress

By Ilan Stein


As the end of the school year rapidly converges upon us, many are struggling to stay on top of their school work and are stressed due to the many end of year exams, namely APs, that they have to take. While stress to some degree is normal and healthy as it indicates a level of concern for your responsibilities, the issue comes when stress overwhelms us, causing us to freeze and rendering us incapable to perform. In order to do the best you can on assignments and exams, you have to keep a relatively cool head in order to do as best as you can. We are much closer than you think to the end of the year, and while many think this is the time to sit back and be lazy, it is quite the opposite. If you let the end of the school year sneak up on you it will have devastating effects. So, in order to combat these stresses there are a variety of stress-relieving activities that you can partake in while the weather is getting warmer and you have a small break from your AP textbook.

While many spend countless hours on their computers studying for what seems like an eternity, there comes a point where you have to step back and take a breather. Taking breaks and even going on brisk walks can shortly elevate your heart rate, clear your mind, and prepare you to take on whatever challenge you have waiting for you back at your desk. The outside is a powerful tool available to our disposal that can help us lower our stress and get it to manageable levels during these difficult times.

While it might seem entirely too chaotic and a lost cause at the end of the school year, it still is entirely possible to achieve a good balance between your duties and gauging your stress levels. There is a certain sweet spot that you want to be able to achieve, a type of balance in order to maximize your effectiveness, and minimize stalling and stress-related woes. Trust me, it may seem impossible to just take a break, as you absolutely MUST keep studying as time winds down on the clock towards exams, but you can afford it, I promise you. Engaging in physical activity, taking brain breaks, or even getting a glass of water and taking a moment to relax with friends and family are all perfectly valid ways of spending time in order to not let the stress get the best of you. All in all, the last few months of a school year are always brutal to students academically and mentally, so it is essential that you as a student and responsible individual take some time out of your day in order to make sure you are not crushed under the weight of your responsibilities. You will do just fine on your exams, and your brain will thank you if you actively take a role in stopping stress!

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