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Mountain Biking: Infinity Crazyhorse HT29 Review

By Nathaniel Wu




The Infinity Crazyhorse HT29 is a starting mountain bike that costs about $500. Just like the Schwinn, it's a beginner XC bike. In many ways, it is similar to the Schwinn with a few noticeable differences.

Quick Specs


Frame-Light and Durable

Brakes-Disc Brakes

Wheels-29 inch (73.66 cm) wheels and deep treads

Pedals- Flat pedals with spikes

Shifting-3 gears in the front x 8 gears in the back (24 speed); Shift with thumb and index fingers

Suspension - Hardtail (front suspension only)

Dropper Post-No dropper post, adjustable with an Allen Key

Detailed information is on the website.

Personal Opinion



  • Wheels: The 29-inch wheels, just like the Schwinn Ider, allow the user to go very fast on trails, and the treads are deep enough to maintain traction. On slippery trails, however, the wheels lose most of the traction and can slip.

  • Suspension: Although there is no rear suspension, the front suspension is very high quality. The fork can take a steep drop with relative ease.

  • Shifting: Not only are there eight gears in the back compared to the usual seven, but the mechanism is easy to use. More gears mean more options, and the shifting occurs with just two fingers. Pushing the thumb trigger all the way can shift down multiple gears, making it possible to downshift quickly.


  • Size: The frame itself is large, which makes it harder for shorter riders. Maneuvering the bike is much harder compared to a smaller bike.

  • Seat: Unlike most seat posts, adjusting the height requires the use of an Allen Key. It is a major inconvenience on the trails and takes much longer to use than the quick-release lever.


Final Thoughts


Overall, the Infinity Crazyhorse is a great all-around bike that is useful on various types of terrain. When buying mountain bikes, you often get what you pay for. Although the price is higher than the Schwinn, the overall parts are much higher quality and lead to a more pleasant ride. No matter what bike you have, mountain biking is a sport that anyone can enjoy. Happy shredding!

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