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Mountain Biking: What to Bring on a Trip

By Nathaniel Wu


When going on any sort of trip, planning is one of the most important things to do. For beginning mountain bikers, they may not know what to bring. Fortunately, this blog will detail the essential and recommended items to make every trip a fun one! Please note that all items are geared for general trail riding.



Mountain biking can have many issues come along, so this list of essentials will avoid and solve potential problems on the trails.


  • This may seem obvious, but bike quality is of utmost importance

  • Do a drop test, where you pick up the bike by the handlebar and drop it a few inches. This checks for anything loose or hanging on the bike

  • Be sure the tires are inflated correctly and within the recommended PSI

  • Be sure all components are secure on the bike

  • Be sure that the gears can shift smoothly

  • Be sure that you’re comfortable on the bike


  • Head protection is especially necessary on trails

  • MIPS protects against rotational forces, which may be useful

  • Check out the MIPS website for more information!

  • Be sure that the helmet fits comfortably, feels snug, but isn’t too tight


  • A bike multitool often has Allen Keys (hex shaped) and other tools

  • The Allen Keys can fix most mechanical problems

  • Going without a multitool is risky


  • Pumps vary, but generally go for compact ones

  • Most important thing is to have the correct valve type included

  • Schrader Valves are thick and appear on mountain bikes

  • Presta Valves are thin and appear on road bikes

  • Track pumps put in lots of air quickly, but are often bulky

  • Mini pumps are convenient to take around, but take longer to pump

  • It is recommended to bring spare tire tubes in case of a puncture

  • Bring tire levers to change the tubes if needed


  • You’ll need to stay hydrated during a ride

  • Bring extra in case but don’t overload yourself with water

  • Consider buying a water bottle holder for convenience

Recommended Items


Although the following items aren’t necessary, they make the riding experience much more safe and pleasant.


  • The best gloves are breathable but still offer protection

  • Gloves protect hands from getting calluses from the handle

  • Gloves also protect hands from getting cut on the trail

Long pants/sleeves

  • Make sure that the clothing isn't too thick

  • Long pants/sleeves protect the arms and legs from cuts and scrapes

  • During hotter weather, this may not be as practical

First-Aid Kit

  • Despite all precautions, injuries may still occur

  • The most useful things are Band-Aids for cuts and scrapes

  • Consider bringing disinfectant wipes and bigger bandages

  • Make sure the first aid kid is compact


A mountain biking trip, while extremely fun, can quickly go haywire. Luckily, the end to a trip can often be mitigated through ample preparation. Happy shredding!

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