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Outdoor Volleyball: Do's and Don'ts

By Nathaniel Wu


Outdoor volleyball is a fun activity for all skill levels. As a volleyball player, outdoor volleyball events are something I hold near and dear to my heart. Although it may seem simple, having a great outdoor volleyball experience takes quite a bit of preparation. Here, we will go through the do’s and don’ts of outdoor volleyball.


  • Wear sunscreen - You should wear sunscreen to most outdoor events, but it is of utmost importance during outdoor volleyball. Most of the time, there is little to no shade available unless you bring a tent, so wearing sunscreen is a way to avoid nasty sunburns.

  • Choose the right location - Generally, choose a wide open space without anything hanging above. If you choose to play near a road, make sure that the court is far enough away to chase a stray ball before it reaches the street.

  • Wear appropriate clothing - This tip is rather subjective, but wear clothing that allows you to make quick movements comfortably. Personally, I like a T-Shirt or shorts when playing, but in colder weather, I’ll wear a hoodie with sweatpants. Footwear is incredibly important for grass, so have a pair of sneakers with good tread to avoid slipping.


  • Buy a super cheap net - You don’t need to splurge hundreds of dollars on a net, but make sure you spend enough to get a durable one that will last for years. Park & Sun is a notable brand that makes nets in various price ranges. If you are playing on a court with a built-in net, then you do not need to worry about this!

  • Play with others way above your skill level - This tip is more for enjoyment, but try to play with people around your skill level. Drastic disparities between peoples’ skill levels make it not very fun.

Outdoor volleyball is a fun activity that everyone should try. Grab a net, and a ball, and spend a few hours having fun with friends! As always, happy playing!

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