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Review: Trek FX Sport 4

By Nathaniel Wu


There’s no question that bikes are complicated. Mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, it doesn’t seem to end! A large subset of riders like riding on paved paths but want added durability and comfort that road bikes lack. Thankfully, there is a type that fits those riders perfectly: hybrids. For this review, we will be looking at the Trek FX Sport 4 (2019 model).








Wheel Size

29 inches (700c)


Bontrager AW1 Hard-Case Lite

Brake Type

Hydraulic Disc





Other Features

Mounting points for fenders, water bottles, and rear pannier


One of the defining features of the Trek FX Sport 4 is the braking system. Most road bikes come with rim brakes, which are lighter but less powerful. On the other hand, mountain bikes have disc brakes, which are slightly heavier but are very powerful. The FX Sport 4 has hydraulic disc brakes, which are the highest end. Hydraulic disc brakes, which use fluid, are more powerful, reliable, and require less maintenance than mechanical disc brakes, which utilize cables. As a result, people who ride the FX Sport 4 can feather/modulate the brakes better and come to a stop very quickly if needed.

The aluminum frame and carbon fork combine to make a very light bike. Even with all the components, the bike is easy to lift. A light bike is also easier to pedal because there is less weight to move around.

The geometry of the bike has the rider in a more upright position. On the contrary, traditional road bikes make the rider assume a lower position, which although more aerodynamic, is less comfortable. For the more casual rider, the upright position is perfect.


Out of all the bikes we have reviewed here at Natural Highways, the Trek FX Sport 4 is by far the most expensive, carrying an MSRP of $1,199. While that price is well justified, most people would have to save up to purchase this bike.

One great thing about this bike is the ability to house a pannier (a rack that can carry bags). However, when a pannier rack is attached, part of it attaches to the seat post. This may not seem problematic at first, but this can make seat height difficult to change. As a user of this bike, I have found great pains with adjusting the seat.

Final Opinion

The Trek FX Sport 4 is perfect for those who want to ride casually but with more speed and performance. As someone who likes to go on 20+ mile trips, I find this bike very suitable because it balances comfort and speed. The versatility of this bike means that you can turn this sporty bike into a bike-packing one just with some installation. So for those who are willing to splurge a bit on a quality bike, the Trek FX Sport 4 might be the right one for you! Happy riding!

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