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Sledding Safety

By Nathaniel Wu


After a rainy winter break, it seemed like we would never see snow this winter. Thankfully, the snow has finally arrived! While sledding is very fun on snow days, safety is always important when having fun. Therefore, we have included a few tips for staying safe while sledding.


#1 Choose the right location

Location is key to a fun sledding experience. Be sure to choose a hill with enough snow buildup and without many obstacles (ex. trees and posts). Also, choose a place with a runway that is long enough so you can slow down without crashing into something.

Another key aspect is the snow condition. Wet snow, or sleet, does not hold up to the forces of the sled and can get very messy. Icy snow can be rather hard, which makes it difficult to control and painful to fall. Powdery snow is ideal because it is soft but allows the sled to go through without sinking. Make sure that there is at least 2-4 inches of snow.

#2 Go feet first

Going headfirst is a recipe for disaster. Instead, go with your feet facing down the hill. This way, the head is in a more natural position, and it is easier to control the movement of the sled.

#3 Wear the correct clothing

As with any outdoor activity, clothing choice is crucial. Be sure to wear enough layers to protect against the cold, and for extra safety, wear a helmet in case something goes wrong. If you wear one while biking, why not wear one when sledding?


Sledding is a fun seasonal activity, but safety is always the #1 priority. Keep in mind that taking a few precautions can drastically improve how the activity turns out. Happy sledding!

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