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Summer Activities to Get Into Now that it’s Around the Corner

By Ilan Stein


At long last, the school year is finally starting to come to a close. With many seniors already well on their way towards the summer and everyone else inching towards the finish line, we’ll have more time on our hands. Additionally, the weather has finally started to clear up and begin to warm, giving everyone the opportunity to fully enjoy the outdoors in all of its splendor. Now more than ever is the perfect time to get off your butt and head into the outdoors to enjoy the miracle of fresh air, actually hospitable climates, and the company of your peers as you head outside. There are a vast quantity of summer activities to participate in to ring in the summer and truly appreciate its marvel.

First, nature’s gift: water. The pool is a wonderful place to spend long summer afternoons with your friends in the refreshing coolness of the water. Additionally, you can also go swimming in creeks, beaches, rivers, and other bodies of water. Swimming is a great exercise as it works almost all areas of the body and allows you to destress after a long day in the hot summer sun. The beach especially is a must-go spot during the summer because of the sand and the turbulent waves, allowing for activities such as surfing as well as paddleboarding. Additionally, the waves provide an added challenge, furthering its potential as a place to get physical exercise.

An additional and much needed bonus of the beach are its sports. Beach sports are different from that of typical sports as the sand and a rougher texture makes traversing the terrain more difficult, as trudging your feet through it adds another challenge. Beach volleyball, badminton, and soccer are all must try sports at the beach if you are interested in them.

All in all, the summer brings about a wholesale of new activities for everyone to participate in. The hot shining sun and beautiful weather allow everyone to gather outside for loads of fun. So get out there while you can before the cruel winter rears its head around once again!

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