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The Benefits of Dog Walking

By Darren Hong


Now that the new year has come around, many have taken on new resolutions to improve their fitness. And who better to take on your athletic journey than man’s best friend? Loyal, fluffy, and four-legged, your dog will enjoy walking as much as you do. But beyond bonding time with your canine, what benefits can you both reap? Today, we’ll explore the top three reasons why you should plod with your pet.

First off, walking your dog can help you become more social. As dogs are naturally social animals, they will likely try to interact with other dogs that they encounter on their trek. This allows not only your dog to enjoy social time, but also lets the human owners mingle, and could potentially lead to further relations (source: every rom-com).

For a more medically accurate benefit, when you happen to take water breaks on the trail, stroking and petting your dog can reduce symptoms of stress, such as high blood pressure. In addition, not only can your dog heal your soul with their puppy eyes, they can also quite literally help heal your heart. It has been found by the American Heart Association that people with dogs at home have a 33% better chance of surviving cardiac arrest if they recover alongside their furry friend.

Finally, the main benefit of walking with your dog is the companionship gained by their presence. While many claim that they enjoy solitude, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has never felt the cold twinge of loneliness when their friends have rejected their invites to hang out. Fortunately, your dog will never leave your side, mainly due to their retractable leash.

This concludes our analysis of the benefits of walking with your dog for both parties. Hopefully, this information will help convince you to consider you to claim a canine for your own. Happy Hiking!

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