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The Benefits of Hiking

By Nathaniel Wu


Hiking is one of the most underrated outdoor activities, considering all the benefits that it brings. From fitness to fun, this article will cover just a fraction of the benefits that one receives while hiking.

#1 Calm and Happiness

As with any outdoor activity, hiking is great for one’s mental health and happiness. The

combination of fresh air, beautiful views, and natural sunlight can leave people feeling refreshed.

#2 Creativity

This benefit generally pertains to more strenuous hiking trails, where only specific “lines” work. A line is a path that one takes through a section of trail, and sometimes, only a few lines are safe to attempt. That means that hikers on technical trails need to plan out lines, which utilize creativity.

#3 Social

Hiking is one of the few activities that allow participants to socialize often. For example, it is often hard to carry a conversation while biking due to the wind. However, hiking is slower-paced, which allows socialization while participating in the activity. On more strenuous trails, hikers often discuss the best lines, which fuels teamwork and cooperation.

#4 Exercise

Although hiking may not be the most intense activity out there, it still provides excellent exercise. Hiking works various leg muscles and also strengthens the foot/ankle. Healthwise, hiking lowers the risk of heart disease, improves blood pressure, and boosts bone density.

In the DMV area, there are numerous hiking trails for residents to enjoy. If you would like to find one nearby, All Trails is a great resource. As always, happy hiking!

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