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This bottle is SO hot! 🥵

By Darren Hong


During your hikes outside with your fellow bikers in the snowy season, you may find yourself craving a hot drink to keep you warm. But alas, you only have a plastic water bottle, and any heat it had has dissipated into the air.

In order to find the best thermos for the winter, we’ll be rating them based on three factors: capacity, heat retention, and price.

First, we have the YETI Rambler. Coming in a 26 ounce size, this thermos is on the smaller size. After being left for 3 hours, the hot water dropped from 150°F to 132 °F. As for the price, it stands at 40 dollars.

Next, we have the Stanley Classic thermos, with a capacity of 35.2 ounces, slightly larger than the YETI Rambler. After being left for 3 hours, the hot water dropped from 150°F to 137°F, performing slightly better than the YETI Rambler. At 45 dollars, it is slightly more expensive than the Rambler, but the cost is made up for by a 10.2 ounce increase and a 5° heat retention over the Rambler.

Finally, we have the Thermos Stainless King, with a capacity of 40 ounces, this thermos was the largest of the bunch. When left for 3 hours, hot water dropped from 150°F to 139°F. At a price point of 32 dollars and an average of 9.4 ounces more than its competition, this thermos was clearly the king of the three. In addition to the price, it also had the best heat retention, only decreasing 11°.

After reviewing the three thermos, it’s clear that the Thermos Stainless King is the best thermos, in terms of cost, heat retention, and capacity. However, if you happen to have issues with the THERMOS brand, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Stanley Legendary Classic, which had the second features. If your wallet is feeling a little lighter, the YETI Rambler is the pick for you. Although it may lack in capacity and heat retention, the price point is a clear benefit among these picks.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you analyze and choose the perfect thermos for your wintry adventures. Happy Hiking!

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