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Trail Corner: Beach Drive

By Nathaniel Wu


Along Rock Creek lies a hidden gem of the DMV area: the Rock Creek Trail and Beach Drive. Suitable for both bikers, runners, and hikers, the two trails are great for everyone. Accessible just next to the Grosvenor Metro Station, the Rock Creek Trail and Beach Drive are treasures in our backyard.


The Rock Creek Trail is similar to the average bike trail like the Carl Henn. Although the Rock Creek Trail is amazing, my personal favorite (and the main discussion of the article) is Beach Drive. During the week, Beach Drive functions as a regular road. However, most of Beach Drive is blocked off on the weekends, leaving it open to the general public. Unlike the typical trail, Beach Drive is a road, which makes for a unique experience. The width of the road makes it great for large groups of people to walk and enjoy the outdoors together. The forests provide shade for the road, which makes it feel much cooler.

For bikers, however, it is a whole different story. Usually, bikers have to bike on the sidewalk or the road with other cars. Cars create pressure to go fast and can take away enjoyment from the ride. Beach Drive, on the other hand, is a wide road with no cars. In other words, Beach Drive is a biker’s heaven. There are a few portions where the road is not blocked off, but the Rock Creek Trail is always an option when needed. Due to the two trails running alongside each other, one can often switch between the two easily.

If you want the Beach Drive experience, you can start on the North Side near Grosvenor Metro Station or the Southern Side near the Washington DC Temple. There are parking spaces in the vicinity so you can access Beach Drive by car.


No matter what you like doing outside, Beach Drive can offer something special.

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