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Trail Corner: The Capital Crescent

By: Nathaniel Wu


The Capital Crescent is a local trail in the DMV area that is one of the best ways to get from Moco to DC on a bike. It is 11 miles long and accommodates bikers, hikers, and rollerbladers. The endpoints are at Kansas Ave. (Silver Spring, MD) and 30th St. NW at K St. NW (Georgetown, Washington, DC). The Capital Crescent is unique for its rapid transitions between wooded areas and bustling cities.

Between Georgetown and Bethesda (7 miles), the trail is paved. Between Bethesda and Silver Spring, the surface is crushed stone (4 miles). This section is also known as Georgetown Branch Trail. Some of the most common ways to get on the Capital Crescent

are at its endpoints, Downtown Bethesda, and where the trail intersects with the C & O Canal Towpath.

Just like the Carl Henn, part of the paved surface is marked with dotted yellow lines. Since the Capital Crescent is a heavily used trail, please abide by the markings and stay on the right side whenever possible.

To move from the trailhead at Georgetown to the heart of DC, the safest way is to go under the Whitehurst bridge for a portion, and then turn right and enter the courtyard area. From there, cross through the Georgetown Waterfront Park and follow the Potomac River along the Rock Creek Trail.

More information can be found here, and if unfamiliar, be sure to plan in advance. Thanks for reading this installment of the Trail Corner, and try the Capital Crescent Trail sometime!

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