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Trail Corner: The Carl Henn Millennium Trail

By: Nathaniel Wu


The Carl Henn Millennium Trail is a local trail in the DMV area that spans across the Rockville area. It is a road-bike friendly loop trail that is 10.7 miles long. Although there are no

endpoints, it passes by Thomas Wootton High School. Just like the Bethesda Trolley Trail, it is a beautiful trail with variety.

This is by far my favorite road-bike trail, so it is impossible to list a favorite feature. One unique feature about the Carl Henn is that the majority of the trail is on asphalt pavement marked with dashed yellow lines to control traffic. This is similar to road markings, which gives a unique feel to riding on the trail. Since the trail has unique markings, it is also easier to navigate the trail, as all you need to look for are the dashed yellow lines.

Another great feature is the environment surrounding the trail. There are a multitude of

plants and flowers to appreciate while going through the trail. It is scenic and contains both roadside and scenic environments. This makes it the ultimate trail for both walkers and bikers: no matter what activity, you’ll have a great time.

Be sure to follow general trail etiquette when enjoying the Carl Henn. This includes keeping a controllable speed (for bikers), not littering, and respecting others along the trail. Since the trail has the yellow markings, please be sure to abide by them and stay on

the correct side. Thanks for reading this installment of the Trail Corner, and try the Carl Henn Millennium Trail sometime!

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