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What to do when the Climate Turns into a Winter Wonderland: The Best Activities

By Ilan Stein


Snow and subsequently snowstorms are some of the most looked forward to and anticipated things of the winter season. At this point we have already received a few tastes of winter snow, and the future holds many promising forecasts for those of us looking forward to fun. When snow falls and it gracefully repaints the landscape into a gleaming white scene, you know it's your sign to get out there and enjoy the snow as long as you can, since the miraculous gift of snow is often never too long lasting. With the once dreary days of wishing you were able to sled down your driveway over, a multitude of new activities open up when the snow falls, all for your enjoyment.


Certainly a classic, one can never go wrong with hopping on your sled and zooming down a hill while you grab as tightly as possible onto the grips. Racing your friends is always a fun activity and can result in some of the fondest memories between your friend group. If you weren’t already planning on sending yourself down massive hills at mach speeds, make sure to add this to your snowy day activities this year!

Snowball Fights:

Think you're ready to wage all out war on your friends and engage in close quarters snowball combat with your friends? Then this is your absolutely must-do activity. Forging battalions with your friends and setting out to conquer your local neighborhood in a flurry of snowballs along the way is always a pleasant way to pass those days where the snow is perfect for packing, and even better for throwing. Although make sure to not aim for the eyes or the face as that can result in some rather unwanted situations. With this in mind, go out there and have fun!

Snowy Hikes:

Depending on how much it snowed and whether the ground is covered in slippery ice, it is even possible to hike in these beautiful snowy conditions. First, it is very important to first gauge the conditions and it is first safe. Attempting to hike in knee deep snow with ice patches along the way won’t be a very fun time for you and anyone who decides to come along with you on your adventure. Overall, walks in your local snowy woods can be both a fun and dazzling way to get in touch with the outside world.


So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get out there at the first chance you get and enjoy the gift of snow!

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