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Why you Should 100% Ice Skate

By Ilan Stein


It’s now late January, and the height of the winter season is upon us. Whether it be the flurries of snow we experience weekly or the below freezing temperatures that freeze us to our very core, the winter season is quite special, and we should all focus on enjoying it to its maximum extent. In my opinion, there is no better way to enjoy the winter season other than slapping on some skates and gliding along the ice peacefully. Whether a seasoned veteran or an excited newbie, skating is the perfect winter activity for you and all your friends.

You may be asking, why should I bother leaving the confines of my cozy home for skating? Well, for an overwhelming amount of reasons, the first of which having to do with physical health. Ice skating can be a great way to get a quick little cardio session in, as pushing off the ice takes some effort and can really get that heart rate going. In addition, ice skating can build stronger leg muscles as well as better coordination over time.

Another reason to ice skate is simply it’s fun appeal. Ice skating can easily be converted into a fun social activity where you can bring along all your friends and genuinely have yourself a blast. Who knows, you may also meet skaters like yourself on the rink and make new friends while you're at it as well!

Finally, ice skating is really easy to get into, but difficult to master. Once you master the basic movement and the ability to propel yourself by yourself without falling flat on your behind, you’ll only want to improve and better your skills on the ice. Ice skating can quickly become a favorite pastime between you and your friends, and can turn into a much loved hobby/personal activity. Learning how to ice skate in the first place is also a really nice skill to have in general, as it is now another skill you can add to your collection. If you really enjoy ice skating and want to continue your journey, ice skating also has a variety of sports attached to it such as ice hockey and figure skating, which although challenging, can be another exciting adventure. All in all, ice skating is an essential winter activity that I thoroughly implore everyone to try at least a few times before spring comes around!

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